1. Welcome-Choose Your Path

Welcome to the world of internet. Every website runs with code, but you can create it without code. Your Path is to code or not to code If you choose website builders to create a website:And it is WixYou can make a personal website, blog, or an online store.
Oh, I think I went to far, you can code to spead your creativity and functions, but not in website builders.

Learn Wix

1.Select a template

Select a templates makes you feel awesome forever. Click Wix Editor and select a template which what site are you working on.

2. Add photos, videos, text, style

The most important part you have to consider is the style and elements.

Lets make a list to show you to understand the below:

External Material

Go to there


Add text

We have an opening and a closing tag

<p> This is paragraph text :) ;</p>

<h1> This are headings text h1 is greatest and boldest, h6 is smallest ;</h1>

Add images

<img src="imagesource.pmg" width="250" height="400" alt="image">

Coming Soon :0

To learn more HTML/CSS, check out these tutorials!